The Message – Voting is Your Power

The Message – Voting is Your Power

California Secretary of State Weber Travels State Urging Youth to Get Early Start on Voter Registration

by Solomon O. Smith | California Black Media

As part of a broad civic education initiative, High School Voters Registration Week, California Secretary of State Shirley Nash Weber has been traveling across the state encouraging young people to register to vote.

High School Voter Registration Week occurs in the last weeks of April and September and offers preregistration, mock voting trials, guidance for teachers and administrators, and other tools to help young people get an early start in voting. Advertising, speaking tours, and videos aimed at future voters are part of the arsenal Weber’s office is using to reach voters.

At the legal voting age of 18, many young voters are in their first years of college or at the end of high school. Through volunteering and education, they are encouraged to participate in the process as early as possible.

Last week, Weber spoke to students at John W. North High School in Riverside County as part of her statewide voting education tour.

“California allows us to register students as early as 16, to preregister for voting,” said Weber. “We also allow those at 16 years old to work in the polls, so we want to encourage voting at every level.”

On National Voting Registration Day, last Tuesday, Sept. 20, she was at Dodger stadium reaching out to citizens and encouraging them to register. The holiday was established by a non-partisan group in 2012, with the goal of increasing voter registration and recruiting volunteers to work at polling places. The National Association of Secretaries of State and the National Association of State Election Directors are among the organizations endorsing the holiday, according to their website.

Weber is the first Black woman to hold the position of Secretary of State in California after being appointed by Gov. Gavin Newsom in 2020. She was sworn in on Jan. 29, 2021.

Her office is responsible for more than accounting for the vote, preparing for elections and campaign filings. She is also responsible for business filings and the historical archives of the state.

Weber is one of three Black women in the United States who are Secretaries of State. Tahesha Way of New Jersey and acting secretary of the commonwealth Leigh Chapman of Pennsylvania are the other two. All three are Democrats. Weber acknowledged the historic role of Black women in voting in an interview on NBC.

“Black women in this country have always been sometimes ignored and yet counted on,” said Webber in an interview on NBC. “We’ve been a silent force for change. Everyone always knew you could count on the sister in the front row to get things done.”

Weber has been an active proponent of protecting voting rights and American democracy.

On Sept. 28, she will be hosting a Voting Rights Town Hall at Sacramento State, where she will discuss the 1965 Voting Rights Act and how to further protect voting rights across the nation.

Her advocacy for the vote comes from deeply rooted personal experiences. Growing up, she remembers that her grandparents and parents did not have right to vote during the era of Jim Crow in Arkansas. Her father moved the family to California where she received her PhD from the University of California Los Angeles by age 26. Weber was a four-term Assemblymember representing California’s 79th district and was the chair of the California Legislative Black Caucus in 2020.

While Weber is pushing to include more voters in California, many places across the country have taken a different approach to voting rights. After the gutting of the 1969 Voting Rights Act in 2013, which no longer required some Southern states to seek federal approval of voting changes, many enacted new policies and laws that some deemed restrictive.

The Brennan Center for Justice tracks some of the ongoing fights over voting rights and some of the methods used by states; closing polling places, requiring identification, gerrymandering, removing individuals from voter rolls and casting doubts on thelegitimacy of the process, are a few of the complaints they follow.

This year, 32 cases have been filed in fifteen states. Some of these legal complaints illustrate concerns that protections for the right to vote need to be strengthened. Campaign Legal Center v. Scott, No. 1:22-cv-00092 (W.D. Tex.), for example pointed to voting role purging enacted by then Texas Secretary of State John B. Scott. In the case, which Scott loss, the judge said it had “flawed results” which removed nearly 10, 000 voters from the rolls — only 80 were ineligible.

When visiting Southwestern College in South Bay, on Sept. 9, Weber spoke about the need to protect voting rights and the importance of inclusion and vigilance. She challenged students to find the “courage” to defend democracy with their votes.

“We are helping people to understand that voting is power, that it is an equalizing power, and that every voter gets one vote,” said Weber. “I tell the students all the time do not give away your power … use your power to your best interest.”

6th Annual Women • Business • Wellness Conference

6th Annual Women • Business • Wellness Conference



December  1, 2021 – Online Everywhere

The 6th Annual Women Business Wellness Conference online conference a digital experience presented by a product of Hispanic Lifestyle.  Our conference is sponsored by Wells Fargo Bank, So Cal Gas Company, Inland Empire Health Plan, Small Business Development Corporation of Orange County and Bank of America.

The Women Business Wellness Conference is designed to Connect, Inspire and Empower women of diverse backgrounds with business, wellness resources
and information.

Our speakers and presenters are community leaders and experts in the fields of business, marketing, health and wellness.

WBWC is presented Exclusively Online throughout our digital network. Accessible on our website and social media platforms.


All times are approximate and Pacific Standard Time

3:00 pm – Welcome | Richard Sandoval, Hispanic Lifestyle 

Special Message | Jenny Flores, Philanthropy Leader, Social Impact and Sustainability Wells Fargo Bank

3:10 pm – Topic | Outlook and Opportunities for Entrepreneurs
Alejandra Y. Castillo, U.S. Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Economic Development

3:30 pm – Topic | Mental Health – Addressing the Signs of Grief and Depression
Amrita RaiMSW, LCSW Clinical Director, Behavioral Health

Special Message | Bansree Parikh, President, Bank of America Inland Empire Bank of America  Merrill Lynch

4:00 pm – Panel Discussion |  Women • Business • Wellness

4:40 pm – Topic | Too Happy To Be Sad Girl
Angel Aviles,  Former Actress, Life Coach and Author.

5:00 pm Topic | Resources for Business Owners
Michelle Skiljan, Executive director Inland Empire and Coachella Valley Women Business Centers

5:15 pm Spotlight | Ampac Business Capital “Grand Opening”
Hilda Kennedy, President, AmPac Business Capital

5:20 pm Topic | Health Update 2021 
Dr. Sumanta Chaudhuri, Chief Medical Officer, Hemet Valley Medical Center and Menifee Valley Medical Center.

Program and Speakers are subject change without notice 


Register Now!

We are offering sponsorship, vendor, exhibitor and registration opportunities for the 6th Annual Women • Business • Wellness Conference. Registration for this event is complimentary thank you to our presenting sponsor Wells Fargo Bank.

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Gardening for Summer, Family and Pets

Gardening for Summer, Family and Pets

This article was submitted to InlandValleyLiving.Com by the people at TurfMutt. They provide us with 4 Tips to Ensure You’re Putting the Right Plant in the Right Place. The TurfMutt Foundation encourages outdoor learning experiences, stewardship of our green spaces, and care for all living landscapes for the benefit of all. By teaching about the outdoors and educating citizens about sustainability, we are helping sustain a greener, healthier quality of life for this and future generations. We promote urban habitat and ways everyone may save the world one yard at a time. TurfMutt is the symbol and spokesdog of this mission. 

Improvements to outdoor spaces can help people live more fully outside by adding plants for visual interest, creating borders and privacy, and designating “fields” for play.  Research shows that living landscapes also have a calming effect on people seeking a break from stress.

TurfMutt Gives 4 Tips to Ensure You’re Putting the Right Plant in the Right Place 

Our backyards have taken on a greater importance in our lives since the COVID-19 pandemic. Yards, parks and other green spaces are the safe places for socializing, playtime and recreation. Just about anything you can do indoors – working, cooking, reading, exercising – can be done outside. And that’s why so many people are “backyarding” today and enhancing and expanding their personal bit of green. 

Why add more plants, shrubs and trees to your backyard?  Improvements to outdoor spaces can help people live more fully outside by adding plants for visual interest, creating borders and privacy, and designating “fields” for play.  Research shows that living landscapes also have a calming effect on people seeking a break from stress.

Spring planting season is in full swing, and as you spruce up your outdoor spaces, the TurfMutt Foundation shares a few important tips for putting the right plant in the right place. 

Be purposeful. Determine how you want to use your yard, and then plant accordingly. Do you need a shade tree to sit under? Do kids and pets need a grassy area to play on? Will you add a patio or grill or picnic table for outdoor eating and socializing? Break your yard up into zones, and then use plants and other features to indicate where activities will happen. Once preliminary planning is done, conduct a plant inventory to determine what’s currently thriving in your backyard.

Know your climate zone. Check out the USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map to learn which plants, grasses, shrubs and trees are most likely to succeed where you live. Do you have long, hot summers? Are you in an arid region or a wet one? Understanding your environment will help you select climate-appropriate plants that will thrive.

Plant for pets. You’ll want to keep pet needs in mind when mapping out planting plans. Consider planting a hardy turfgrass which is more likely to withstand pet traffic. Keep resilient plants and flowers in heavily-trafficked areas of your yard and save the delicate varieties for raised planters on porches or patios. Finally, know which plants are dangerous to pets by downloading the ASPCA’s list of poisonous plants.

Plant for pollinators and wildlife. Your living landscape in your backyard isn’t just for your enjoyment. Yards are also a vital home habitat for pollinators (bees, butterflies and birds) and backyard wildlife who rely on your backyard ecosystem for food and shelter. Planting nectar and pollen-rich flowers that are appropriate for your climate will nourish pollinators. Allowing a pile of grass clippings to decompose on your lawn (rather than bagging it for the trash) will shelter insects, worms and other backyard critters. Dead tree branches can create nooks for butterflies, bees, birds and other wildlife.

Choose the right plants for your climate and lifestyle, and you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful and purposeful green space your entire family will enjoy.

To get inspired to “backyard more” in the seasons ahead, go to To sign up for Mutt Mail, TurfMutt’s monthly e-newsletter with TurfMutt Foundation news and backyarding tips, go to:

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The Message – Voting is Your Power

California Secretary of State Weber Travels State Urging Youth to Get Early Start on Voter Registration by Solomon O. Smith | California Black Media As part of a broad civic education initiative, High School Voters Registration Week, California Secretary of State...

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Gardening for Summer, Family and Pets

This article was submitted to InlandValleyLiving.Com by the people at TurfMutt. They provide us with 4 Tips to Ensure You're Putting the Right Plant in the Right Place. The TurfMutt Foundation encourages outdoor learning experiences, stewardship of our green spaces,...

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The Southern California Railway Museum (SCRM) is pleased to present a safe and socially distanced holiday experience: Trolleys, Twinkles and Treats.  On Friday, December 11th through Sunday, December 13th, from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., visitors can experience the festive lights and décor, ride a trolley, write a letter to Santa, and enjoy Mrs. Claus reading a holiday classic.   Trolley, Twinkles and Treats is an extended, nighttime edition of Second Saturdays.

“The holidays are a time to celebrate and enjoy the season, and normally we would be offering Polar Express to our members and guests.” said Hank Winn, Vice President/Chief Operating Officer and Museum General Manager.  “Given current COVID-19 restrictions, we were unable to host Polar Express this year. Our Second Saturdays have provided families and guests an opportunity to get out of the house, ride our trains and trollies, and explore the campus safely. Being outside is important and this provides a safe and fun way to enjoy the holiday spirit.”

Tickets are available onsite at SCRM’s Box Offce on a first-come, first-serve basis.  For everyone’s health and safety, tickets are for specific ride times and capacity is limited.  For more information visit

The Southern California Railway Museum is a non-profit organization located at 2201 “A” Street, Perris, California, 92570.  It is home to vast collections of historic and vintage railway equipment and artifacts. The 100-acre campus is home to many annual events.  Memberships are available as well as volunteer opportunities. For more information, visit or call (951) 943-3020

5th Annual Women Business & Wellness – a digital conference

5th Annual Women Business & Wellness – a digital conference

Women Business & Wellness Conference 

December  10, 2020 Online

The 5th Annual Women Business & Wellness Conference, a digital experience is presented by a product of Hispanic Lifestyle.  Our conference is sponsored by Wells Fargo Bank, Coca Cola and InlandValleyLiving.Com 


About the Conference 

The annual Women Business and Wellness Conference is the event that Connects, Inspires and Empowers women of diverse backgrounds with business, wellness resources and information.

We are offering sponsorship, vendor, exhibitor and registration opportunities for the 5th Annual Women Business & Wellness Conference. For sponsorship and exhibitor information Click This Link


Presenter | Jamie Lee

Jamie Lee

Jamie Lee is a twenty-year Wells Fargo veteran, vice president and district manager of the San Bernardino Heights region. She manages nearly 200 team members at 11 banking locations in the communities of Banning, Beaumont, Highland, Redlands, San Bernardino and Yucaipa.

Jamie began her career with Wells Fargo in 2000 as a customer sales and service representative. Prior to assuming her current role, she held various positions within the bank to include personal banker, assistant manager and branch manager.

Jamie specializes in customer experience, team member experience, managing risk, compliance and growth – key areas of focus that contribute the overall success of her region.

She is passionate about giving back to her community. This is demonstrated through her tireless commitment to providing financial education to youth and adults, volunteering alongside her team to support local non-profits and lending her voice as a public speaker and financial services subject-matter expert at community events within her region. Additionally she serves on the board of the Boys and Girls Club of Greater Redlands/Riverside.

In 2013, when her eldest daughter was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, Jamie and her family have been actively involved with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and American Diabetes Association. Her dream is to one day find a cure for diabetes. Jamie currently resides in Jurupa Valley with her husband, daughter, and son.


Presenter | Lynette Romero

Six time Emmy Award-winning anchor and reporter Lynette Romero brings extensive news experience to her role on the KTLA 5 Morning News.

Lynette came to KTLA in January 1998 as a general assignment reporter and in her first year at the station, received the prestigious Golden Mike Award from the Radio and Television News Association of Southern California for producing and reporting the KTLA News series “Public Schools: Working the System.” From August 2000 to October 2004, Lynette was co-anchor for “KTLA Prime News,” where she — along with her news colleagues — received a second Golden Mike for best 60-minute evening newscast. She is a recipient of 6 local Emmy Awards including an Emmy for best feature news reporting. In 2006, Lynette received a local Emmy and Golden Mike Award for her work as anchor/reporter for the show “Access L.A. – The Latino Experience” and a local Emmy as reporter/producer for the five-part series “From Farm to Fork.” In 2015, Lynette was honored by the National Hispanic Media Coalition with the Excellence in Broadcast Journalism Award.

Lynette has travelled domestically and internationally in her role as a journalist covering stories from   Prague in the Czech Republic, to El Salvador, Mexico City, Guadalajara and Rome where she covered the Papal Conclave for KTLA and other Tribune television stations across the country.  

Prior to joining KTLA, Lynette anchored and reported for 10 years at KUSA-TV in Denver. She also spent nearly a year reporting for KUSA-TV’s sister station in Austin, Texas, KVUE-TV. While in Denver, Lynette’s assignments included the 1993 papal visit, the standoff in Waco and the bombing of the Federal Building in Oklahoma City.

Lynette has been a member of the National Association of Hispanic Journalists and an advisory board member for the University of Colorado School of Journalism and Mass Communication. She has taught anchor and reporting classes for UCLA Extension. She spends much of her personal time in the community speaking at schools and community events.

Lynette has a Bachelor of Science degree in journalism, broadcast news from the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colo. She was born and raised in Denver. Lynette moved her elderly mother who has Dementia to her home in California so she could take care of her. Lynette lives in Los Angeles with her husband, daughter and their two rescue dogs Benny and LuLu.

Presenter | Sandra Campos

Sandra Campos is a CEO, entrepreneur, and operating partner within the retail and consumer products sector. She has been building global fashion lifestyle brands for more than twenty years. She is the founder of Fashion Launchpad, the only digital masterclass edtech platform specifically for the fashion-retail-beauty industries.

Sandra advises startup businesses in tech, fashion/beauty, and consumer products such as Katie Kime-home and sleepwear brand, Bubble-beauty startup for GenZ, Saavitude-startup helping to design through AI, Project Verte-a comprehensive dashboard for ecommerce,Purple Dot-software that helps brands sell their inventory more profitably. In addition, she’s an investor, mentor, and board member.

As the former CEO of Diane Von Furstenberg, Sandra is known as an innovator and evolved a traditional business into one focused on global digital acceleration and the implementation of Omni-channel strategies to enhance the consumer experience. Under her leadership, the business turnaround was under way with profitable KPI improvements within each channel, created a Weekly Wrap newsletter with The Newsette, established collaborations with female founded brands such as Lingua Franca and Ashley Longshore, and promoted the “In Charge” mission throughout every consumer touchpoint. The company substantially reduced its losses through improvements in operational efficiencies, product margins, inventory management, and store rationalization.

Prior to DVF, Sandra was instrumental in restructuring Iconic brands such as Juicy Couture, Bebe, and BCBG. An executive with broad skills and experience, Sandra focuses on driving digital innovation, fueling international expansion, and leading youth culture marketing. Her international experience has included brand building in many regions with hundreds of stores in China and SE Asia, the Middle East, and Europe.

Her entrepreneurial ventures include Mobi and Cynosure Holdings-ACH, a celebrity brand management co responsible for launching Selena Gomez’s lifestyle collection.

Ms. Campos is a frequent keynote speaker, panelist, and invited guest on MSNBC, Telemundo and Bloomberg on topics ranging from innovation at retail, leadership, and diversity in the workplace. She has been named one of the top 100 Latina Leaders by Latino Leaders Magazine, was one of 2019 Top Líderes in Business by Hispanic Executive Magazine, named a 2020 Top Woman in Retail and was honored by Girls Inc.

Sandra lives in NYC and spends her time with her three kids and partner in the Hudson Valley on her rescue horse farm.

Presenter | Lisa Brandl

Lisa Brandl is the Chief Operating Officer for the County of Riverside. Lisa has over 27 years of experience in local government, working on key public policy issues throughout her career, such as Court Facility Transfers, implementation of the County’s Development Impact Fee and Capital Improvement Programs and the dissolution of Redevelopment.

Lisa has worked in various departments in the county, such as Information Services, Auditor-Controller, Executive Office, Regional Park and Open-Space District, and the Economic Development Agency.

Prior to her appointment as Chief Operating Officer, Lisa was the Director of the Purchasing and Fleet Services Department, and functioned as the Board of Supervisor’s Agent. She served as Chair for the Riverside County Employee Campaign, and started the first charitable 5k walk/run to benefit the campaign in Indio. She is the current Chair for the Riverside County Oversight Board of the Successor Agency.

Lisa has a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting from California State University, San Bernardino, a Master of Public Administration from California Baptist University, and is a Certified Public Procurement Officer.

Presenter | Joanne A. Landa, CFP®

Joanne A. Landa, CFP® Senior Vice President, Senior Investment Specialist Pasadena Region
Joanne Landa is a Senior Investment Strategist- Senior Vice President located in the Pasadena, CA Wells Fargo Private Bank office. As part of investment management, Ms. Landa works with clients to help develop, implement and manage portfolios that help them meet their investment objectives while managing risk. She manages assets for affluent individuals and families, non-profit organizations, and retirement plans.

Prior to joining Wells Fargo, Joanne was VP/Portfolio Manager at Bank of America Private Bank in Los Angeles, California for 12 years, where she specialized in managing investment portfolios for affluent individuals and families. She began her career as a licensed securities broker, and has been in the financial industry for more than 25 years.
Mrs. Landa earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of California, Irvine. She has been awarded the Certified Financial Planner designation, is a member of the Chartered Financial Analysts Institute, and the CFA Society of Los Angeles.

Joanne is a current member of the National Charity League, Alumni Association of UC Irvine, and a past board member of the Pasadena Armory Center for the Arts. She lives in La Crescenta with her husband and three children, and is involved in several local youth organizations as a volunteer and coach.

Presenter |Dr. Sumanta Chaudhuri

Dr. Sumanta Chaudhuri as Chief Medical Officer for Hemet Valley Medical Center and Menifee Valley Medical Center. Hemet Valley Medical Center and Menifee Valley Medical Center are two of seven hospitals affiliated with KPC’s southern California-based health system.

A graduate of Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine, Dr. Sumanta Chaudhuri most recently served as Program Director of the Transitional Year Internship for graduate medical residents at Hemet Valley Medical Center.

In addition, Dr. Chaudhuri served as the Associate Program Director of the Internal Medicine Residency Program and Director of the Peri-Operative Clinic of the Eye Institute at the Medical College of Wisconsin. Was selected as the Associate Program Director of the Internal Medicine Residency Program at Riverside Community Hospital, and served as Medical Director for local Independent Physician Associations and Hospitalist groups.


Presenter |Van Ton-Quinlivan

Van Ton-Quinlivan is a nationally recognized thought leader in workforce development. She has a proven record for guiding and implementing large system change while fostering a culture of experimentation, innovation and collaboration. Her distinguished career spans the public, private, and non-profit sectors.

She is CEO of Futuro Health, whose mission is to improve the health and wealth of communities by growing the largest network of credentialed allied healthcare workers in the nation. Futuro Health was established through a $130 million commitment by Kaiser Permanente and SEIU-United Healthcare Workers to address the shortage of healthcare workers in the nation starting with California.

Ton-Quinlivan previously served as executive vice chancellor for the California Community Colleges, the nation’s largest system of higher education, and grew public investment in workforce programs from $100 million to over $1 billion during her tenure.

In 2013, Ton-Quinlivan was named a White House Champion of Change under the Obama Administration in recognition of her notable career in industry, education and service as a community leader. She received the California Steward Leader Award in 2017 for her dedication to collaboration and work to align public, private, and civic sector leaders in support of economic and social mobility for state residents. In 2019, Ton-Quinlivan was named a mediaX distinguished visiting scholar by Stanford University.

Presenter | Michelle Skiljan

Michelle Skiljan serves as executive director of the Inland Empire and Coachella Valley Women Business Centers.

The WBCs are small business assistance programs partially funded by the US Small Business Administration. The WBCs, programs of the Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship at the Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration at California State University San Bernardino, have offices in Riverside, Colton, Palm Desert and a part-time office in Corona. During Michelle’s tenure, the Women’s Business Center Programs have raised over 7 million dollars in federal and match funding, trained nearly 70,000 workshop participants, provided business counseling for over 4,200 business owners and generated regional economic impact of over 22 million dollars.

Ms. Skiljan has also served as an adjunct professor of entrepreneurship at CSUSB since 2007. She came to the IEWBC with an extensive business background of consulting and management and has over twenty years working closely with a small business owner. She has three years of experience at the University of California Riverside overseeing grant funded entrepreneurial programs and three years of delivering consulting and training services to small businesses as a consultant at the Inland Empire SBDC. Michelle was recognized by the National Association of Women’s Business Owners Inland Empire Chapter as the 2014 Corporate Entrepreneur and in 2007 she was recognized as a Community Bridge Builder. She has also been recognized by the U.S. Small Business Administration District IX as Women’s Business Center Director of the year.

Michelle has a BS in information management and a MBA in entrepreneurship from California State University San Bernardino.

Presenter | Elizabeth Yang Esq

Elizabeth Yang (楊安立) has been practicing law since 2007 and specializes in Intellectual Property Law, including Patent, Copyright and Trademark Prosecution and Litigation; Business Law, including corporate entity formation, contract drafting, contract disputes, litigation; Family Law, including divorce, child custody, child support, alimony, and asset division; and Estate Planning, including establishing wills and trusts. She is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.

Elizabeth was admitted to the United States Patent & Trademark office in 2007. At the age of 19, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from UC Berkeley in two and a half years. Her IP practice is primarily focused on Intellectual Property litigation at the Federal District and before the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Elizabeth’s practice also includes complex business litigation, patent prosecution and trademark prosecution.

In 2011, Elizabeth founded Yang & Wang, P.C., a boutique law firm that ultimately gave life to the Law & Mediation Offices of Elizabeth Yang. Prior to starting her own practice, Elizabeth gained extensive experience at various international intellectual property law firms where her practice primarily focused on a variety of technologies, including electronics, hardware, software, variable data printers, fingerprinting sensors, data packet processing, network security systems, microprocessors, and automated telephonic systems along with IP Litigation. She is also experienced in drafting patent validity opinion letters, requests for reexamination, intellectual property licensing agreements and trademark consent agreements.

Elizabeth further has extensive experience dealing with family law issues involving child custody, child support, alimony, asset division, pre-nuptial agreements and post-nuptial agreements. Being a mother of two young children , she understands and can relate to clients who are also undergoing emotional divorces. She has represented family law clients both efficiently and compassionately at various stages of litigation and trial. Elizabeth earned her mediation certification in 2015 from the Los Angeles County Bar Association (LACBA) and has assisted many combative litigants in resolving their issues through mediation and alternate dispute resolution.

Prior to practicing law, Elizabeth worked for Raytheon Company as an electrical engineer designing radar systems for the B2 Bomber. She has also interned at NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, working as a team member on the main control unit of the Mars Exploration Rover.

In 2016-2020, Elizabeth was awarded the “Top 100 Civil Lawyers” award and the “Top 40 Lawyers Under 40” award by the National Trial Lawyers Association. In 2017-2020, Elizabeth was recognized by Thomson Reuters Super Lawyers as a “Rising Star” ranking her in the top 2.5% of lawyers in California and also presented with the Lawyers of Distinction award, recognizing her as the top 10% of lawyers in the United States.

In 2017, Elizabeth published her first best-selling book, “The Big Secret” alongside Jack Canfield, author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. In 2018, Elizabeth published her second book, “Stress-Free Divorce” to assist parties going through this very difficult time of their lives.

Presenter |Lea Petersen

Lea Petersen Public Affairs Manager Southern California Gas Company (SoCalGas)
Lea’s primary responsibility is to advance SoCalGas’s business and legislative interests before local, state and federal government officials, taking leadership roles in community & charitable organizations to promote economic development, job growth, higher education, supporting the over 22 million customers SoCalGas serves in 500 communities. Working with business organizations & community groups Lea educates the public on energy efficiency, natural gas & renewable energy opportunities. Lea works closely with SoCalGas Field Operations on construction permits, regulatory fees & negotiating franchise contracts. During emergencies such as wildfires, earthquakes, mass evacuations, civil unrest, natural gas or other disasters Lea responds as Public Information Officer with SoCalGas field crews, Media, Fire, Police and Emergency First Responders as Incident Command.

Lea on behalf of SoCalGas has established a Scholarship program assisting homeless & financially challenged high school students take the next step reaching their education goals. She has organized SoCalGas volunteers to help serve our military and their families at the March Air Base Military Appreciation Days; working with Habitat for Humanity revitalize low-income neighborhoods and with the Red Cross raised thousands of dollars for families who have lost their homes in wildfires.

Lea has lived & studied in 3 countries & traveled extensively throughout the world; attended the University of Mexico, Mexico City; Carleton University, Ottawa Canada concluding her education at California State University Long Beach in Journalism, Business Admin. She speaks, reads and writes Spanish & French. She began her professional career as a television news reporter. Has represented the Ca State Assembly, Rockwell International Space Shuttle program, NASA, Verizon Wireless, Boeing Company and Long Beach Airport.

Business & Charitable Organization Positions

Greater Riverside Chamber – Board Director
Corona Chamber – Board Director
Riverside County NAACP – live time member
Riverside County Workforce Investment Board; Past Vice Chairwoman
Riverside Downtown Business Partnership
SMART Riverside – Board Director
Asian Business Association of Inland Empire
Greater Riverside Hispanic Chamber
Chino Valley Chamber, Jurupa Valley Chamber, Eastvale Chamber
Congressman Ken Calvert’s Science Technology Education Partnership
Inland Empire March of Dimes
Association of Women in Water, Energy and the Environment

Awards, Recognitions

“Woman of Distinction” Award Ca Assemblyman Jose Medina for assisting homeless students gain higher education scholarships
• Riverside County Woman of the Year – awarded by Riverside County Board of Supervisors & Riverside County Commission for Women.
• Asian Business Association Inland Empire “Founder’s Award” for supporting diversity & “Minority Business Leader Advocate of the Year”
• Riverside County NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) “Corporate Leadership Award” for business leadership
• Riverside County YWCA “Women of Achievement” Award
• Ca Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger “We Connect” award for volunteerism providing opportunities for low-income students
• The Black Voice Newspaper “Community Builder” Award, African-American community
• Ca State Assemblyman Jeff Miller Certificate Appreciation for Leadership during Corona Freeway Wildfires
• President George W. Bush “Thousand Points of Lights” award for volunteerism benefiting low income children through Science, Math & Engineering education

Presenter |Luanna Lindsey

Luanna Lindsey, an 18-year veteran of the company, is senior vice president and Business Segment Manager for Small Business for the Greater California – South region.

Within this region, Luanna is responsible for the small business strategy which supports team members and the overall customer experience for Small Business in nearly 400 branches.

Lindsey began her career with Wells Fargo in 2000 in a dual role of District Manager and Premier Banking Director. Prior to assuming her current position, she served as District Manager for the Beverly Hills, Downtown Los Angeles, and Valley Crossroads (Glendale/Burbank) districts, where she oversaw three teams across complex, diverse areas for the past 15 years.

Lindsey is involved with the communities in which she works, having spent time as a board member of the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce, Hollywood Chamber of Commerce Foundation, White Memorial Hospital, and Public Broadcasting System.


Presenter | Cecilia “CeCe” Alvarado

Cecilia “CeCe” Alvarado Nationally Board & I-ACT Certified. Colon Hydro Therapist – Being of service since 2003 

Cece is very passionate about her profession; she has personally experienced through her own health the benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy. She is a very strong advocate that “Our Health is Our Responsibility”. She does her best daily to instill this to every one of her clients, family and friends. She also holds monthly live FB, IG & YouTube “Inner Health Care Moments” with the desire to educate all those that are looking for preventive ways to improve their Own Health. She is also a strong believer in Jesus and is not shy about sharing her faith with her clientele & staff.

Cece is continually expanding her knowledge, in an effort to bring the very best to her clients. She shares “The more I learn, the more I love my profession”. She absolutely loves helping others find the answer to their own health issues, but most of all she LOVES PAYING IT FORWARD. Her exact words “Helping each one of my clients is so rewarding, for I know my clients will feel better just as I did, and when they do, they too will go out and PAY IT FORWARD!.

She has been involved with the Riverside Chamber of Commerce. The Holistic Chamber of Commerce. National Association of Female Executive. Her daily heart desire is to serve God to the best of her ability in all that she does.

Presenter | Janise Graham

 Janise Graham helps business owners and entrepreneurs develop a succession plan to protect the future of their business, employees and their families.  

When her mother’s friend died in a plane crash in 2001 and Janise learned he had no plan for his family or his business upon his death, she knew business insurance and succession planning was her calling. Janise later rebranded her business as Entrepreneur’s Insurance Services as a testament to her commitment not to see another business or family suffer due to poor planning. 


With more than 23 years of experience in the financial services industry, Janise is well versed in her specialty area serving business owners. She leverages past experiences as a retirement specialist who has provided solutions to the employees at HP, Verizon, and Avery Dennison, to name a few. Today, she uses her extensive knowledge to help entrepreneurs plan for unexpected situations impacting businesses such as the disability or death of a CEO.


Janise has served as President of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors (NAIFA), Inland Empire Chapter, President of the Business Resource Connection and as a board member of National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO). Janise has been recognized as a finalist for Spirit of the Entrepreneur Awards.


Janise enjoys speaking at industry associations, meetings, and conferences and often presents topics such as: “Leaving In Style” and “Recognizing The Franchise Difference.”  She is the author of “Leaving In Style; From Business Success to Succession.” Which is due to be released in 2018.


Janise is viewed by many as a protector and connector.  She loves making introductions to connect like-minded people, and protecting her clients from unforeseen risks.  Janise also enjoys counseling fledgling entrepreneurs at the Inland Empire Women’s Business Center.


Janise currently holds a Life & Health License in California, Minnesota, and Texas, the designations of Life and Annuity Certified Professional (LACP) and Certified in Long Term Care (CLTC). For more information, visit        

Presenter |Maritza Gomez

Maritza Gomez

Maritza Gomez believes in putting your own personal stamp on things and being as original as you want to be. With that in mind, along with her mother, founded MG Custom Printing, a promotional products and printing company specializing in digital decoration of marketing products and personalized gifts in 2014.
Maritza has not always felt bold and brave or championed being an original because she was a “DREAMer,” an undocumented immigrant brought to the United States as a child. Although she’s faced many obstacles along the way, Maritza has been resilient and undaunted in her mission of being college educated and owning a business.Not only is she CEO of MG Custom Printing, but also she is a proud graduate of California State University, San Bernardino with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a concentration on Entreprenuership. Maritza is one of 47 women featured in the new book,
“Next Bold Move” by number-one bestselling author Tarra Flores Sloan in 2016
A sought after motivational speaker, Maritza is frequently asked to speak on immigration and entrepreneurial topics. She has volunteered her time and spoken at University of California Los Angeles during the Youth Empowerment Conference and several California State Universities, San Bernardino, Long Beach and Fullerton and several local elementary and middle schools on the importance of higher education, getting involved in their communities and networking regardless of their current circumstances.

Maritza has been a Mentor and business plan judge for the Inland Empire Women’s Business Center (IEWBC) for the past three years, with three of her mentees winning one of the top three spots.

On April 2018, Maritza was recognized as a one of the Trailblazer Latina Entrepreneurs of the Inland Empire by the National Latina Business Women Association of the Inland Empire and is one of the directors for NAWBO-IE.

Presenter |LaVonne Shields

LaVonne Shields

LaVonne Shields is the CEO of Management Consultants of America. As a Business ACCOUNTability Coach and Accounting Strategist, LaVonne specializes in training and consulting business owners to help them gain peace of mind and relieve stress associated with running a company, all while improving the bottom line, LaVonne uses her expertise to help engage business owners in all facets of their company, including financial management.

She serves as a Business Consultant and Trainer for the Inland Empire Women’s Business Center and the Inland Empire Small Business Development Center.

Presenter |Marklem Valdovinos

Marklem Valdovinos

Marklem Valdovinos is the Sr. Community Impact Director for the American Heart Association and has served and worked in communities for over 12 years. She has worked extensively on transforming communities around health and wellbeing. Her work with communities includes implementation of AHA Go Red Por Tu Corazon; engaging college students around volunteerism; involve outpatient clinics on ambulatory care around blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes management; put on community festivals and events around health education and screenings; implementation of community blood pressure program. Marklem has worked closely with volunteers at different levels including Orange County Board of Directors.

Prior to the America Heart Association, Marklem worked in the communications and customer service arena that included creating e-newsletters, news releases and press conferences, surveys for marketing, and reports. During her career at the AHA she has received multiple recognition awards including the prestigious National Rome Betts Award, National Multicultural Initiatives Achievement Award, Health Equity National Achievement Award, Health Strategies Trailblazer Award, Simple Seven Champion, and Support Star Award.

Recently, she received the Executive of Influence award from Hispanic Lifestyle. Marklem has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations from California State University, Fullerton.

We have uploaded the videos of each presentation. Please click on the “red” highlighted link. 

The Event PROGRAM*
Start Times are approximate

9:30 am – WELCOME 
Gabriela Sandoval, Hispanic Lifestyle

Jamie Lee, Wells Fargo Bank, Vice President and district manager of the San Bernardino Heights region.

Economic Outlook |  Your Money. Building, Protecting Wealth in 2021
Presenter | Joanne A. Landa, CFP® Senior Vice President, Senior Investment Specialist, Wells Fargo Bank

Inner Health Check In
Presenter | Cecilia “CeCe” Alvarado Nationally Board & I-ACT Certified. Colon Hydro Therapist – Inner Health Care 

The Power of Positive Choices
Presenter | Michelle Skiljan Executive Director of Inland Empire Women’s Business Center.

Family, Distance Learning and Mentally Surviving the Pandemic
Presenter |  Lynette Romero, Six time Emmy Award-winning anchor and reporter, KTLA 5 morning news.

How Fashion, Beauty and the Retail Industry Will Change in a post pandemic economy.  
Presenter | Sandra Campos is a CEO, entrepreneur, and operating partner within the retail and consumer products sector.

11:00 – WORKSHOP
Legal Insights | Family Law
Presenter, Elizabeth Yang Esq,  Law & Mediation Offices of Elizabeth Yang

Community Health Update
Presenter | Dr. Sumanta Chaudhuri, Chief Medical Officer for Hemet Valley Medical Center and Menifee Valley Medical Center.

Managing Resources During the Pandemic
Presenter | Lisa Brandl, Chief Operating Officer for the County of Riverside

11:45 am – WORKSHOP
From Immigrant to National Thought Leader:  5 Tips for Making the Journey.
Presenter | Van Ton-Quinlivan, Chief Executive Officer Futuro Health: Where the Future of Health Begins

Small Business Index Economic Trends for Small Business
Presenter | Luanna Lindsey, senior vice president and Business Segment Manager for Small Business for the Greater California – Wells Fargo

12:25 pm – WORKSHOP
Legal Insights Wills & Trusts
Presenter, Elizabeth Yang Esq,  Law & Mediation Offices of Elizabeth Yang

Community, Customer Service and Contracting Opportunities
Presenter | Lea Petersen, Public Affairs Manager Southern California Gas Company

Presenter | Marklem Valdovinos · Sr. Director, Community Impact at American Heart Association | American Stroke Association

BUSINESS TIPS provided by the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) – Inland Empire Chapter 
• “Bring Your Energy”  Janise Graham, President National Association of Women Business Owners,  Inland Empire Chapter
• “Accounting Tips for Everyone” LaVonne Shields, CEO of Management Consultants of America
• “Using Social Media to Build Your Business”  Maritza Gomez, MG Custom Printing

Closing Credits 

* Program and speakers subject to change without notice.

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We are offering sponsorship, vendor, exhibitor and registration opportunities for the 5th Annual Women Business & Wellness Conference. Registration for this event is complimentary thank you to our presenting sponsor Wells Fargo Bank. 

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RIVERSIDE COUNTY | Announces Golf Courses and Some Outdoor Activities may Reopen with Restrictions

RIVERSIDE COUNTY | Announces Golf Courses and Some Outdoor Activities may Reopen with Restrictions

Golf Courses and Some Outdoor Activities may Reopen with Restrictions

Private and public golf courses in Riverside County closed because of the coronavirus pandemic will be allowed to operate, but with certain restrictions under a revised order.
The county further clarified that parks and trails remain open, including parking lots. Social distancing and face coverings must be maintained at all times. Allowed outdoor activities include hiking, biking and equestrian activities and other non-contact outdoor activities such as tennis and golf.

Outdoor activities that remain prohibited include the use of picnic tables, playgrounds, team sports or other similar public events and gatherings. The order is effective today (April 20) after it was signed by Dr. Cameron Kaiser, Riverside County Public Health officer, and George Johnson, director of emergency services for the county. It amends an April 2 order that closed private and public golf courses in Riverside County.

“Play is being cautiously reopened for observation,” said Dr. Cameron Kaiser, Riverside County public health officer. The initial order was issued as part of the county’s fight against coronavirus (COVID-19), which has infected more than 2,600 people in Riverside County and caused 75 deaths. “After consulting with public health officials and local leadership, we have made modifications for golf and other forms of recreational activity, such as use of parks, trails and outdoor areas for hiking, biking, pickleball and tennis to resume,” said Chair V. Manuel Perez, Fourth District Supervisor. “With proper safety guidelines, our residents can benefit from healthy activities that promote physical exercise, wellness and behavioral health so long as physical distancing is practiced. We will continue to listen and base decisions on thorough review, best practices, data and science.”

Some of the restrictions include:
–Play shall be limited to foursomes that will be required to observe social distancing (six feet separation between players at all times).
–No caddies.
–No large gatherings, including fundraisers or tournaments, will be permitted before June 20, 2020.
–Face coverings, such as scarves, bandanas and neck gaiters, shall be worn by players and workers.
–No in-person dining will be allowed at clubhouses.

“Golf is an iconic part of our destination, our history and our economy,” said Scott White, chief operating officer of Greater Palm Springs Convention and Visitors Bureau. “We sincerely appreciate the news that golf will be reopened to allow our residents the opportunity to return to the sport they love. It is imperative that we follow the orders outlined and not allow the coronavirus to return to the previous levels. We will continue to work with Riverside County with the goal to help reopen more tourism related businesses.”